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The home of spiced chocolate bars

Our process of making bean-to-bar artisan spiced chocolate bars

How we do it


At ChokoSpice, we select ethically sourced and best quality cacao beans and spices from around the globe and handcrafts them into delicious chocolate bars in Massachusetts. Our process of making bean-to-bar dark chocolate bars includes sorting cacao beans, roasting, winnowing, grinding and then tempering the chocolate. Whenever possible, in this process, we strive to use mainly organic products, such as cacao beans, cacao butter, sugar and spices. We do not use any refined sugar: one of the distinctive features of our spiced chocolate bars is coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index.



The beans for our spiced chocolate bars are harvested from the pods and left to ferment: sometimes in open spaces, sometimes in special covered facilities. Since during the fermentation process the beans are exposed to the elements and the influence of the external physical factors (for instance, debris), they must be carefully sorted to eliminate the presence of external components, such as the dirt, small stones or fragments of packaging. 



We roast in a 20-lbs drum capacity roaster specifically crafted for the purpose of processing cacao beans



As of now, we are utilizing the smaller-scale equipment for cracking the roasted cacao means and separating the husk from the nibs. This process is called "winnowing."



 This is one of the most important processes in making artisan chocolate bars: grinding the nibs and combining them with melted cacao butter and sugar in the so-called melanger (aka "wet grinder").

Tempering and molding


The second most important process in making artisan chocolate bars is tempering (i,e. developing and maintaining the Beta-crystal) before pouring it in the moulds. It is between tempering and molding that we introduce our spices. 


Making chocolate in a wet grinder


Roasting 20 lbs of Guatemalan cacao beans at 360 F to get the perfect mild aroma for our spiced chocolate bars.